This website has been created to offer current information regarding the role of rotifers and microalgae in marine larval nutrition. The Compendium section of this site will be of particular benefit to fish growers and live feeds personnel because the it has been designed to present the current extent of our experience growing microalgae and zooplankton with the opportunity for commenting and feedback in order to enlarge this body of information over time. With simple user registration, participants will be able to contribute information and experiences that will be incorporated or archived for future reference.

Our goals:

  1. To communicate and build on our present understanding of larval fish nutrition, the importance of rotifers, and the importance of high-quality microalgal diets for rotifers fed to larval fish.
  2. To provide practical and concise information about growing rotifers, enriching and maintaining enriched rotifers under all conditions; the best methods, (including simple protocols) and the best feeds for these methods.
  3. To encourage, develop and support the larviculture community.

Furthermore, we have presented other useful sections for more information about our products, protocols for use, our services, concise technical data for downloading, and FAQs.

We look forward to your participation and contribution to this ever-expanding body of knowledge to intended to inform and support the larviculture industry.


Tim Reed
Reed Mariculture Inc.

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