C.1.0 | Rotifer Strains: Introduction

Choosing the Right Rotifer

Understanding of rotifer strains and the differences among them has expanded greatly in the past two decades. Originally only one species of rotifer, Brachionus plicatilis, was recognized in marine aquaculture. People recognized that there were differences among strains and began to denote rotifers as L-Type (large), S-Type (small) and SS –Type (super small). In the 1990’s it became apparent that there are in fact at least two distinct species, B. plicatilis (L-Type) and B. rotundiformis (S-Type and SS-Type). More recently, with application of genetic analysis, we have discovered and begun to identify a diverse complex of species with a wide range of strains.

Section Summary

  • Rotifer Types
  • Rotifer Size
  • Rotifer Shape

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