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Our Closest-to-Nature Microalgae Feeds Provide Superior Nutrition, Cost-Saving Productivity, and Cleanliness

Instant Algaeā„¢ RotiGrow Rotifer Products Uniquely Offer “Whole Cell – Whole Food” Nutrition

In every hatchery, healthy, enriched rotifers are essential to grow healthy and vigorous fish larvae, but serious problems can quickly arise.

Reed Mariculture Inc’s (RMI) Instant Algae products for rotifer growth, enrichment and greenwater enable you to avoid problems, and save time and money, by: providing a stable, consistent production base, a low-maintenance and extremely clean production environment, and the healthiest and most nutritious rotifers for your larvae.

Our unique growth and enrichment concentrates offer the most effective nutrition for rotifers because they are the closest to nature of any product on the market, consisting of minimally processed and intact, whole microalgae cells that have all of the benefits of live cells.

Choose the right feeds for all phases of your operation here: PRODUCTS

The Rotifer Compendium – a practical resource for fish growers and live feeds personnel

We have created a Compendium to share the latest information about the role of rotifers and microalgae in marine larval nutrition, including the most effective nutrition practices.

The Compendium represents RMI’s extensive experience growing microalgae and zooplankton. As the world’s largest producer of marine microalgae, and a company focused exclusively on marine larval nutrition, we have accumulated a large body of knowledge. We invite you to comment and give feedback to help us expand this resource to support the larviculture industry.

Discover the science on our high-performance feeds here: COMPENDIUM

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