D.5.2 | Rotifer Production: Liquid Microalgal Feeds

Pre-enrichment Nutrition Boost

Pre-enrichment is the process of pre-loading HUFA (DHA, EPA and ARA) lipids into the rotifer during production. Providing pre-enrichment is an extremely valuable quality for a grow-out feed.

  1. Pre-enrichment in the production stage increases the final level of enriched rotifer HUFA lipids and increases the proportion of these lipids in the form of membrane lipids (phospholipids, glycolipids and sterols). This is because the rotifer has time to incorporate the HUFAs throughout its tissue as membrane lipids instead of concentrating the HUFAs as triglyceride energy stores. Membrane HUFA enrichment is further enhanced by the fact that rotifers emerge from the egg with high levels of HUFAs already incorporated in their membranes.
  2. The higher the level of polar HUFA enrichment at the production stage, the shorter and less severe the secondary enrichment process becomes. This in turn dramatically improves speed and ease of enrichment, reduces rotifer stress, improves rotifer health, and increases the value of the rotifers to both fish and hatchery.
  3. By reducing the need for extreme secondary HUFA enrichment, pre-enrichment allows for a “whole food” approach to be applied. “Whole food” enrichment allows protein, carbohydrates, carotenoids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to be added to the enrichment mix, improving the nutritional value and health of the rotifer, the nutritional profile of the gut-load of the rotifer, and ultimately the nutrition of the larval fish.

Table D.3: Typical HUFA pre-enrichment of rotifers grown on the following feeds and harvested from production tanks


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