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Feed Handling

  • Frozen microalgae concentrates (not including RotiGrow Chlorella) should be stored frozen for long-term storage. RotiGrow Chlorella is a refrigerated product and has a limited shelf life (4 weeks).
  • To defrost the frozen concentrate, remove from the cardboard box and place in a refrigerator. 1 liter bags will defrost overnight. 10 liter Cubitainers┬« will defrost in 1-3 days
  • Previously frozen Instant Algae concentrates will remain good for at least 3 weeks when kept refrigerated.
  • When Using a pump or drip system for continuous feeding, the feed reservoir for the microalgal concentrate should always be kept cold. A Styrofoam box with ice or a counter top refrigerator with holes drilled for feed line work well. It is helpful to keep the microalgae reservoir as close as possible to the microalgae pump and rotifer system.
  • Microalgal concentrates work best when fed continuously using a peristaltic pump or other injection system.
      The microalgal concentrate can be hand fed with periodic dosing, but the more regular the feeding is, the better the results will be.
  • It is recommended that you do not thin the microalgae concentrate with water. Thinning the concentrate creates the possibility for spoilage and settling of the concentrate and can negatively impact the rotifer culture and larval fish.
    • Adjustment of the feed rate is best accomplished using a cycle timer to turn the pump on and off.
    • If it is necessary to thin the paste to control feed flow, It is suggested that the thinned feed be kept cold in a refrigerator or ice chest, and that mix be stirred or very lightly aerated.

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