Instant Algae® RotiGrow Productsthe Most Convenient and Effective for Growth, Enrichment and Greenwater Productivity

Your hatchery has a unique set of needs. That’s why Reed Mariculture devotes countless hours to the optimized formulation and rigorous testing of the highest quality feeds that mimic feeds found in nature. Our unique Instant Algae concentrates and custom blends are being used successfully by over 500 hatcheries, universities and marine ornamental operations in more than 70 countries.

In contrast to traditional practice, we produce only whole-cell, whole food microalgae feeds and enrichment products from marine algae using proprietary processes. Maximum rotifer nutrition is achieved because all biomass is from microalgae. Intact whole cells ensure that rotifers receive the maximum nutritional benefit from our exceptional feeds, which in turn provides maximum nourishment to your fish. Our feeds also ensure a clean production area.

Advantages of Instant Algae Products

We offer a complete system of products that work together to support optimum grow-out, enrichment, gut-loading, and productivity.

Grow-Out Feeds with Pre-Enrichment — these base feeds are carefully formulated to produce healthy and vigorous rotifers despite high-density, stressful conditions. These feeds are the first step in building up high-HUFA lipid membranes, gut-loading, and achieving optimal nutritional profiles, while limiting harmful bacteria.

See Grow-Out and Pre-Enrichment Feeds comparison chart

N-Rich Enrichment Feeds — optimal vitamin, lipid and carotenoid enrichment results are achieved from the right combination of base feed, enrichment feed, and duration of enrichment through the use of our proven protocols. N-Rich products increase the HUFA levels of the rotifer to match the nutritional requirements of the fish without stressing the rotifers. N-Rich products are exceptionally clean, effective and easy to use. With natural carotenoids (astaxanthin) and vitamins, N-Rich products provide broad-spectrum rotifer tissue enrichment, health and nutritional maintenance during cold and warm storage and gut loading.

See Enrichment Feeds comparison chart

Greenwater — these feeds rich in DHA, EPA and ARA maintain optimum rotifer enrichment in the larval tank, and provide optimum nutrition for gill-feeding larval fish. With excellent suspension in the water column, they help jump-start the digestion of larvae, and reduce “nose bumping” and associated disease.

See Greenwater Feeds comparison chart

Live Rotifers
We also supply live rotifer cultures up to 1.5 billion per shipment, production supplies and customer support.

Why Instant Algae Products are Best for Your Larviculture Operations:

Best for Rotifers

  • Exceptionally clean
  • High yield
  • Fortifies rotifers

Best for Fish

  • Complete HUFA enrichment
  • “Whole Cell – Whole Food” nutrition
  • Broad spectrum, high protein, nutrient-rich feeds and enrichments

Best for You

  • Frozen and refrigerator-stable products for better logistics and inventory control
  • Easily dispersed, no pre-mixing required
  • Clean feeds make system maintenance easy

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