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Reed Mariculture Inc.

871 E Hamilton Ave, Suite D

Campbell, CA 95008

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Toll Free Number 1-877-Seafarm (877-732-3276)
Voice Number 1-408-377-1065
Fax Number 1-408-884-2322
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Reed Mariculture Inc. is open weekdays from 7 am to 4 p.m. (California time). Calls after hours will automatically roll over into voice mail. RMI was incorporated in 1995 and is a California “C” corporation.

Sellers Permit #SRGHD 97258305. For verification of this permit click here.

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About Us

Reed Mariculture Inc. (RMI) produces and supplies marine larviculture feeds to fish, shrimp, and shellfish hatcheries all over the world. RMI’s core technology is growing marine microalgae, which is the bottom of the marine food chain. We also provide several types of zooplankton (microscopic animals that feed on microalgae) and a variety of derivative products that support larviculture. Our newest product line is Reef Nutrition a wide variety of products for feeding marine ornamental organisms (home reef aquariums).

Reed Mariculture Inc. was founded in 1995 by Tim Reed to grow “tank raised” bivalve shellfish. Tim’s concept was to produce the first commercially available shellfish that was raised on land, not in the ocean, producing a product that would be completely safe from toxins such as red tide algae, bacteria blooms, viruses, sewage run-off, and toxic metals. Reed Mariculture developed tank raised shellfish technology for three years and during this same time developed and refined the technology for large-scale grow out of marine microalgae, which is the feed for shellfish.

In 1998 RMI determined that there was a more lucrative market in selling the microalgae directly to other hatcheries and shut down all shellfish operations. Today RMI is selling Instant Algae marine microalgae concentrates to over 500 hatcheries and 300 universities in 70+ countries and is the largest commercial producer of marine microalgae in the world.

RMI’s core technology is a proprietary closed-system photobioreactor design that allows microalgae to be grown in laboratory sterile conditions. This technology is radically different than the open-pond technology used for growing freshwater species of microalgae such as Spirulina, Chlorella, Haematococcus, and Chlamydomonas.

In 2003 RMI expanded its product focus from microalgae to a broader range of larviculture products with the introduction of live zooplankton (rotifers, copepods, and Mysid shrimp) and by distributing products such as ClorAm-X (for ammonia control) and Otohime Feeds (Japanese weaning diets).

In 2004 RMI entered the home aquarium market with the introduction of the Phyto-Feast products. Phyto-Feast is a super concentrate of marine microalgae formulated for feeding exotic filter feeders such as clams, corals, sponges, and tunicates that are popular in marine reef tanks.

In 2005 RMI expanded our offerings into the Marine Ornamental industry with the Reef Nutrition product line. This product line includes marine microalgae, macroalgae, rotifers, copepods, mysid shrimp, and will include several additional products in 2007.

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